Executive Director, Ashley McCurry

Ashley McCurry became the Executive Director of Emerge Maine in April of 2019 after almost a decade of political leadership and fundraising experience in Maine Democratic politics. 

Ashley graduated from the Emerge Maine program in 2011. She has worked in fundraising roles for statewide and coordinated races, most recently as Finance Director for the Maine Democratic Party. In addition to fundraising work, she’s been involved in leadership roles for various organizations in political and non-profit work, on local House races and ballot initiatives.  She also served on Emerge Maine’s Development and Executive Committees. Additionally, she’s worked in consulting roles in strategic communications, fundraising, and organizational transitions. She is also a returning trainer to the Emerge Maine program. Ashley has a BA in Communications from the University of Southern Maine. 

“The Emerge network has been instrumental to why the program works. We support each other, volunteer for each others campaigns, and strengthen each others skills. That’s been obvious in my political journey as well as everyone who is part of the program. It’s an honor to return to the program that has given so much to Democratic women all over the state.

Ashley lives in Portland with her wife Justine, their daughter, two dogs and a cat.

You can reach her at

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