Women gather with Emerge Maine to announce landmark year

  • Oct 22, 2018
  • Ashley McCurry

AUGUSTA (WGME) — Women from across the state gathered with Emerge Maine to announce a landmark year. There are 40 plus candidates running for office on 2018.

The organization looks to change the face of Maine politics by recruiting, training and inspiring Democratic women to run for office.

The group has more than doubled its number of women running in this year’s election compared to 2016.

Women of Emerge Maine say it’s important to realize gender is not a qualifier for any job in America.

“Right now we can do better. I’ve been an attorney and litigator for years and there aren’t as many women as men in that area. And I have seen the great things women can do and I know we can do that in politics as well,” Victoria Morales, candidate for state rep., District 33, said.

“We are exceedingly excited for November 2018. We are going to see a tidal wave of Democratic women come into the House. And to watch what they’re going to do next year is beyond exciting,” Sarah Skillin Woodard, Emerge Maine, Executive Director, said.

Many of the female candidates will be running for office as early as June.