Congratulations, Democratic women!

  • Nov 19, 2020
  • Ashley
This was a historic year for our program. After 14 years as a training program in Maine, we’ve grown to unprecedented levels of alumni – boasting over 350+ women who have received Emerge Maine training. To train over 350 women, you ask for help a lot. Emerge has asked for a lot of help through the years – and many Democratic women have stepped in to support us. Emerge wins can only grow thanks to the support Democratic women and men who have supported, mentored, trained, and encouraged Emerge participants in their journey. That is why it is so important for Emerge-trained women to bring our sisterhood and bond to all the Democratic women leaders who are working hard to lead Maine. 
We do not want only “Emerge trained” women at the table – we want ALL Democratic women at the table – every table – where decisions are being made. In an unprecedented campaign year, 75% of our alumnae won their races, including several races where Democratic women faced other Democratic women. We are very proud of the 35 Emerge-trained alumnae who have been elected in 2020. We are also proud of the 55 Democratic women who were elected to serve in the Maine State Legislature. Democratic women are stepping up to lead in a time that we need them most.
Congratulations to the following Democratic women in the Maine State Legislature!
Maine Senate:

Senator Chloe Maxmin
Senator Shenna Bellows
Senator Eloise Vitelli
Senator Matthea Daughtry
Senator Cathy Breen
Senator Heather Sanborn
Senator Anne Carney
Senator Stacy Brenner
Senator Donna Bailey
Senator Susan Deschambault

Maine House:

Representative Kristi Mathieson
Representative Michele Meyer
Representative Lydia Blume
Representative Patty Hymanson
Representative Tiffany Roberts
Representative Traci Gere
Representative Erin Sheehan
Representative Lori Gramlich
Representative Lynn Copeland
Representative Margaret O’Neil
Representative Mo Terry
Representative Rebecca Millett
Representative Joyce “Jay” McCreight
Representative Lois Reckitt
Representative Victoria Morales
Representative Suzanne Salisbury
Representative Barb Wood
Representative Rachel Talbot Ross
Representative Teresa Pierce
Representative Melanie Sachs
Representative Poppy Arford
Representative Allison Hepler
Representative Denise Tepler
Representative Margaret Craven
Representative Kristen Cloutier
Representative Heidi Brooks
Representative Gina Melaragno
Representative Jessica Fay
Representative Charlotte Warren
Representative Donna Doore
Representative Holly Stover
Representative Lydia Crafts
Representative Ann Matlack
Representative Valli Geiger
Representative Vicky Doudera
Representative Jan Dodge
Representative Colleen Madigan
Representative Michelle Dunphy
Representative Laurie Osher
Representative Amy Roeder
Representative Laura Supica
Representative Barbara Cardone
Representative Nicole Grohoski
Representative Sarah Pebworth
Representative Genevieve McDonald
Representative Lynne Williams
Representative Anne Perry

In addition to our ballot wins, Democratic women have also risen to leadership in both the Maine House and Senate. Senator Eloise Vitelli was re-elected as Senate Majority Leader. Democratic women leaders like Rep. Michelle Dunphy and Rep. Rachel Talbot Ross both stepped up to lead the Maine House.
To our sisters who will go on to fight in their next race: We can’t wait to support you in your next political steps!
Thank you for running. We are so proud of you. 
Sara Gideon * Kim Boucher * Jan Collins
Kalie Hess* Hilary Koch * Rosemary Mahoney
Tina Riley * Robin Russel * Bettyann Sheats
Frayla Tarpinian * April Turner * Dina Yacoubagha
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*we will make sure it gets to them!