Mentor A 2022 Class Member

Emerge Maine is looking for leaders to mentor the 2022 Virtual Cohort

Emerge Maine is looking for leaders to mentor the 2022 Cohort

Are you: 

1. Committed to training Democratic women to run for office?

2. Familiar with the Emerge Maine curriculum as a participant, graduate, or trainer?

3. Interested in a monthly phone call with a future political leader – and willing to commit to her political journey through June?

Sign up to commit to supporting the next group of Emerge Maine women. 


We are looking for volunteers to serve as “political career coaches” for Democratic women.

  • Monthly, you’ll be given a short review of what was covered at Emerge Maine.
  • You will facilitate conversation topics on equity, leadership, and crisis.
  • You will expand on our training by bringing your personal experience & knowledge to the conversation. Your mentee wants to hear from you!

This is real mentorship and coaching these participants wouldn’t get anywhere else.  Will you commit to a monthly check-in with a member of the Emerge Maine 2022 cohort?


Future leaders are counting on you.